BEYOND CHURNALISM – A workshop on the changing relations between PR and journalism

Wednesday 24 October 2018, Ghent University, Belgium

The NeFCA divisions of Journalism and Organizational Communication organize a workshop that addresses the complex relationship between PR and journalism, more specifically how this relationship is affected by changes in the news landscape and in society at large. The organizers aim to bring together researchers from different backgrounds, in the field of journalism studies as well as scholars studying public relations and organizational communication.
We also aim to bring together both qualitative and quantitative researchers, ranging from methods such as ethnographic research, interviewing, to content analysis, big data, survey and experimental designs. We welcome both theoretical and empirical papers, and want to encourage PhD students and young researchers to submit. The deadline for submitting your 500 words abstract has been extended to 7 September 2018. More information on the program can be found in the call for papers here.

Keynote: dr. Daniel Jackson (associate professor, Bournemouth University, UK)
Daniel Jackson is a researcher, educator and consultant in the field of media, communication and politics. One of his main research strands focuses on public relations, professional identity and the public good (with Kevin Moloney). Through in depth interviews, they examine the democratic and social role of PR through the eyes of PR professionals.

The keynote is freely accessible to all NeFCA members, even if they don’t participate in the workshop. Registration by email is required.