Popular Communication

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NeFCA`s Popular Communication Division provides a platform for Dutch and Flemish communication scholars working within the broad field of popular culture (e.g. fan and celebrity culture, popular texts analysis, audiences, popular heritage). The main unifying factor that cuts across the diversity of research topics and disciplinary affiliations of the members is a shared commitment to a primarily qualitative and interpretative approach to contemporary forms of popular communication and media related cultural practices.

The division organizes yearly activities (research workshops, lectures and PhD master classes) to facilitate collaboration, knowledge exchange and networking among its members and to promote discussions relating to the latest developments within the field. The steering committee of the Popular Communication Division consists of chair Professor Stijn Reijnders (Erasmus University Rotterdam) and PhD Representative Balazs Boross (Erasmus University Rotterdam).

2015 (July): PhD seminar on Korean Wave and tourism with Sean Kim

2015 (November): European Fan Cultures Conference 2015

2016 (November 25th): Researching Media and Cultural Industries: A PhD Masterclass with Professor David Hesmondhalgh, Vrije Universiteit Brussel

2017 (March 16): PhD Masterclass with Professor Straubhaar, University of Antwerp.

2017 (April 5-7): Locating Imagination. Popular Culture, Tourism, and Belonging. Erasmus University Rotterdam.

2018 (March 22): Symposium 'Music, Place and Belonging'

2018 (June 1): Symposium 'Remaking European Cinema'

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