Health Communication

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NeFCA’s Health Communication division provides a platform for Dutch and Flemish communication scholars working in the field of health communication. Research topics often cross disciplinary boundaries, e.g., (e-)health campaigns, entertainment education, games for health, (online) doctor-patient communication, media representation of illness, and online health forums.

The division organizes yearly activities (workshops, colloquia) to promote discussion, networking and cooperation among senior and junior members. The Health Communication Division also aims to promote knowledge exchange between scholars and health specialists working in the field.

The steering committee of the Health Communication division consists of three people: Enny Das (RU), Julia van Weert (UvA) and Heidi Vandebosch (UA). Hans Vehof (Radboud University Nijmegen) is PhD representative.


2013 (June): Symposium: "One size fits all"

2013 (November): Symposium: "Narrative impact"

2015 (April 23): Symposium "Sexual health: (narrative) approaches in research and interventions"

2016 (May 10): the Amsterdam Centre for Health Communication (ACHC) Opening Symposium on Health Literacy

2016 (May 19-20) Narrative Impact symposium at Radboud University. organized by Enny Das with Sheila Murphy (Annenberg School for Communication and Journalism, University of Southern California) and Markus Appel (Institute for Communication Psychology and Media Education, University of Koblenz-Landau) as keynote speakers.

2017 (January): Preconference at the Etmaal 2017 conference.

2017 (March 23-24): Symposium "Mediated Narratives, Interactive Technology, and Health Behaviors"

2017 (April 18): Symposium "Mobile Health: Kansen en uitdagingen om met mobiele technologie gezond gedrag te stimuleren”

2017 (November 17): Making Health Public. A talk by Charles Briggs and Daniel Hallin.

2017 (November 24): Tailoring for Health. Van theoretisch idee tot praktische interventie.

2018 (June 1): Symposium "Digital (big) data and health communication: How research and practice are changing"

2018 (December 7): Symposium "Interculturele communicatie in de gezondheidszorg"

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