NeFCA’s Journalism division provides a platform for Dutch and Flemish communication scholars working in the field of journalism. New developments in and challenges for the profession of journalism are the main research topics in the field. These developments and challenges may have a technical, economic or social character.

The division organizes yearly activities (workshops, colloquia) to promote discussion, networking and cooperation among senior and junior members. The Journalism Division also aims to promote knowledge exchange between scholars and professionals working in the field.

The steering committee of the Journalism division consists of five people: Annelore Deprez (UGent), Sarah Van Leuven (UGent), Bernadette Kester (EUR) and Pytrik Schafraad (UvA). Kenza Lamot (UA) is PhD representative.


2013 (February 6th): Etmaal pre-conference: "Insiders and Outsiders in the Journalistic Field", Rotterdam

2014 (October 21st): Colloquium ‘Data journalism’, Gent (in collaboration with UGent).

2015 (October 20th): Special guest lecture: "Changing media, changing business models?", Deuze and Van Zanten, Gent.

2016 (November 25): Symposium 'Wanted. Dead or Alive. Journalists, journalism and their audiences in a changing media landscape'

2017 (September 29): Workshop: Comparative Research on Refugee ‘Crisis’.
2018 (October 24): BEYOND CHURNALISM – A workshop on the changing relations between PR and journalism.

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