Organizational communication

NeFCA’s Organizational Communication division provides a platform for organizational communication scholars working in the Netherlands or Flanders. The research foci of the division center on the varied internal and external communication practices of public and private organizations (e.g. change communication, corporate social responsibility, organizational culture, crisis communication, public relations, internal communication and social media).

The division aims to shed light on the specific innovative research in this field by Dutch and Flemish researchers and researchers living in the Netherlands and Flanders. Activities are organized in order to promote discussion and collaboration between scholars interested in organizational communication and between scholars and practitioners, to build a network of people studying these issues in The Netherlands and Flanders and to support PhD students.

The Organizational Communication division has a steering committee of four people: Piet Verhoeven (UvA), An-Sofie Claeys (KU Leuven), Wannes Heirman (University of Antwerp and AP University College) and Aurélie De Waele (KU Leuven).

Fynn Gerken (University of Antwerp) is PhD representative.

2014 (January): PhD-seminar

2015 (February): Pre-conference 24 Hours of Communication Sciences

2017 (January): Preconference at the Etmaal 2017 conference

2018 (October 24): BEYOND CHURNALISM – A workshop on the changing relations between PR and journalism.

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