Persuasive communication

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NeFCA’s Persuasive Communication division provides a platform for Dutch and Flemish communication scholars working in the broad field of persuasive communication (e.g. advertising, consumer behavior, social marketing, …).

The division organizes yearly activities (workshops, colloquia) to promote discussion, networking and cooperation among its members. One of the activities includes a doctoral colloquium in which PhD students from Flanders and the Netherlands (and abroad) are invited to present and intensively discuss their work with peers and senior researchers from the field. The division further aims to map how the field of persuasive communication evolves in general, but also within the Netherlands and Flanders more specifically, and wants to provide a forum for discussing and providing answers to future challenges the field is faced with.

The Persuasive Communication division has a steering committee of six people: Karolien Poels (UA), Guda van Noort (UvA), Verolien Cauberghe (UGent), Liselot Hudders (UGent), and Sophie Boerman (UvA). Evy Neyens (KU Leuven) is PhD representative.

2012 (August): Doctoral Colloquium

2014 (February): Etmaal pre-conference: "Children, Adolescents and Advertising:
Collaborations, Setting a Research Agenda and Grant Opportunities"

2015 (September): Doctoral Colloquium with various senior researchers such as Prof. Yungwook Kim.

2016 (October): co-host AdLit Congres: Iedereen Reclamewijs (Brussel)

2017 (June): ICORIA Doctoral colloquium (Ghent)

2018 (June): Research seminar 'Sustainability' (Ghent)

2018 (June 14th): Reclamewijs onderzoek in de praktijk (Dutch-language event)

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