Political communication

NeFCA’s Political Communication division provides a platform for Dutch and Flemish communication scholars working in the field of media and politics.

The division organizes activities such as workshops and debates on current topics. Additionally, the yearly Etmaal provides the opportunity to present papers in the sessions that are organized within the political communication section.

The Political Communication division has a steering committee of three people: Sanne Kruikemeijer (UvA) and Ruud Wouters (UvA). Karolin Soontjens (UA) is PhD representative.

2013 (April): "Media, parlement en overheid".

2015 (September 17): Experiments in political communication.

2016 (November 25): Symposium 'Wanted. Dead or Alive. Journalists, journalism and their audiences in a changing media landscape'.

2017 (April 19): Masterclass with Natalie Stroud.

2017 (September 29): Workshop: Comparative Research on Refugee ‘Crisis’.

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