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Four scholars received an award at the Etmaal 2019 conference: congratulations!

Claes de Vreese (University of Amsterdam) received the NeFCA Senior Career Award 2019. The award recognizes scholars who have shown substantive and quantifiable contributions, scientific as well as societal, to the field of communication studies.

Rena Zendedel (University of Amsterdam) received the NeFCA Dissertation Award 2017. Her dissertation is entitled “Informal interpreting in Dutch general practice.”

Joke Dheer (Ghent University) received the Frieda Saeys Prize for her Etmaal paper entitled “Eerst moeder van drie, of toch vooral politicus? Een kwantitatieve inhoudsanalyse naar de representatie van vrouwelijke politieke kandidaten in de Vlaamse pers.”

Lennart Soberon (Ghent University) received the award for best article by a young scholar published in Tijdschrift voor Communicatiewetenschap. The article is entitled “Kwaad in vele vormen: Een kwantitatieve inhoudsanalyse van vijandbeelden in de Amerikaanse actiefilm.”


Full professor Language and Communication at the Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam.
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New book: Making Media

'Making Media: Production, Practices, and Professions', edited by Mark Deuze and Mirjam Prenger, will be published in early 2019
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NeFCA Division Events

Division Persuasive Communication

Hands-on Digital day 2019 (Ghent; May 6).
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Division Popular Communication

Conference “Research Methods in Film Studies: Challenges and Opportunities” (Ghent; October 18 and 19).
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Division Intercultural Communication and Diversity

Conference “Digital Fortress Europe: Exploring Boundaries between Media, Migration and Technology” (Brussels; October 30 and 31).
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