News from NeFCA: March of Science

We would like to draw your attention to the March for Science which takes place on Saturday 22 April 2017. The NeFCA Board kindly invites you to join the manifestation in Amsterdam or Brussels. The Board subscribes to the call formulated by the March’s organizers:

“Science is a fundamental tool for seeking answers, and values the objective weighing of evidence. It serves no special interests, nor should it be rejected based on opinions. Science values the notion that through rational inquiry and the rejection of superstition and prejudice, humanity can make real progress. Currently, these values are under threat, as we see an alarming trend toward discrediting scientific consensus and restricting scientific discovery. Anti-intellectualism has been subtle for years, but now is rising faster than ever, and cannot be denied anymore. Inconvenient facts are shamelessly replaced with ‘alternative facts’.”

We think this call is not only applicable to the natural sciences, but also to media and communication research.

For more information about the march in Amsterdam, please check this website and this Facebook page.

For more information about the march in Brussels, please check this website and this Facebook page.

The organizers invite you to confirm your interest or participation on their Facebook pages.

It is time for scientists and science lovers to gather and be heard!

The NeFCA Board
Jeroen Jansz (Erasmus University Rotterdam)
Karolien Poels (University of Antwerp)
Stijn Joye (Ghent University)
Marieke Fransen (University of Amsterdam)
Margot van der Goot (University of Amsterdam)