Popular Communication

On April 5-7 2017, the conference "Locating Imagination: Popular Culture, Tourism, and Belonging" will be organized at the Erasmus University in Rotterdam. Visiting places connected to media is increasingly mainstream – from searching for film locations of popular TV shows to taking part in literary walking tours to traveling around summer music festivals. Popular culture sets the touristic identity of regions, while fan conventions and festivals draw increasing numbers (and prices) year after year. These developments, and others like them, point to a growing interest in bridging the gap between reality and imagination through physicality, intertwining them in new ways. They also illustrate new ways in which place, and its role in creating a sense of identity and belonging, matters in a globalized and digital world in which popular culture plays an integral role. This conference brings together these disparate threads and explores the ways in which popular culture and tourism interact in the contemporary media age.

For registering, you can email conference@locatingimagination.com.

More information can be found here.