Young Scholars Network

The Young Scholars Network (YSN) is a division within the Netherlands-Flanders Communication Association (NeFCA). The main aim of the Network is to provide a platform for young Dutch and Flemish communication scholars to meet and exchange ideas with each other.

The YSN wants to achieve this exchange of ideas by organizing academic workshops, roundtable meetings and debates about issues that are relevant for young scholars. In this context, we aim to establish and promote both connections among young scholars, as well as between young scholars and senior researchers. Within NeFCA, the YSN functions as the voice of young scholars.

Participation within the YSN is open for all young communication scholars within the Netherlands and Flanders, regardless of their age. The Network is not only meant for those currently working towards a PhD, but also for students aiming to become a PhD student, and for those who have recently obtained their PhD. Furthermore, the Network also welcomes young communication scholars from outside the Netherlands and Flanders who are working at a Dutch or a Flemish university.

The YSN is a platform for young scholars, by young scholars.
The division has four chairs: Emma Beuckels (UGent), Joanna Strycharz (UvA), Anne-Roos Smink (UvA) and Carla Mingolla (UGent).
Past chairs: Karin Fikkers, Jeroen De Keyser, Stefan Bernritter, Verena Wottrich, and Rebeca De Dobbelaer.

2013 (February): Special session Etmaal: "Meet the editors"
2014 (February): Special session Etmaal: "Career perspectives"
2015 (February): Special session Etmaal: "Communicating Science: How to use (social) media to disseminate your research and manage your career"
2016 (February): Special session Etmaal: "Managing your career"
2017 (January): Special session Etmaal: "The future of communication science"
2017 (April): "PhD Career Day"
2018 (February): Special session Etmaal: "Successfully Stepping into the Labour Market after a PhD."
2018 (November): "PhD Research Workshop Day."