Media Psychology

Title symposium : Media Psychophysiology

Date : March 15 2018

Venue : Radboud University Nijmegen (Communication Science Department)

Aim & Relevance : Several internationally renowned speakers will talk about their research during this symposium. The symposium will introduce the field of media psychophysiology as well as the advantages of using psychophysiological and neuroscientific methods to understand media processing. It will detail types of relevant data, interesting findings, ongoing studies and some of the experiences of the presenters using the methodology. The keynote speaker, Rob Potter – author of the book Psychophysiological Measurement and Meaning: Cognitive and Emotional Responses to Media – will reflect on a quarter century of experiences using psychophysiological measures in diverse media studies. A number of other empirical media psychophysiological research will be presented, including work by Elly Konijn recently published in Nature Communications. The symposium will end by engaging the speakers and the audience members in a discussion about the opportunities, challenges, further directions and interesting things to learn and focus on in the future.

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